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End Youth Isolation

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

End Youth Isolation

I Want to Help

I Want to Help

•Support stimulating youth programs

•Reduce isolation created by Covid-19

•Reduce stress and anxiety through

•Virtual rooms and activities for under-served youth

•Reduce crime by supporting health and well-being

In St. Louis in the past five years, 15,000 victims were murdered, shot or robbed at gunpoint. Over 90% of St. Louis residents who were killed by guns were African-American, and two-thirds were under the age of 30. The Circuit Attorney reports there were 2,092 shootings in 2015 and half involved youth age 25 or under.

Through the efforts of many, Saint Louis Story Stitchers has become one of the most respected and innovative community-based youth at risk crime prevention programs and is a 501c3 organization. These funds will benefit the Saint Louis Story Stitchers youth programs directly.

With Covid-19, already traumatized youth are coping with social isolation, food insecurity, unemployment and health risks. Story Stitchers programs help them to stay engaged with mentors and build friendships and skills. These create protective factors that help youth to make good choices and steer clear of trouble.

Story Stitchers have youth programs running virtually right now including mentoring, youth leadership meetings, vocational training in the arts and StitchCast Studio, a youth-led podcast program! Take a listen and follow their journey!


These funds are much needed and we would so appreciate your help.

Your generous donation will directly support mentoring, vocational training and community service opportunities for our youth.

Let at-risk youth know they have a friend in YOU!

Thank you for your support!


Once upon a time there was a stitcher who liked to embroider stories from the newspaper. One day she was stitching about two sisters who were shot on their porch in University City. One sister died. Two brothers were arrested for the crime. The stitcher reflected on the power of stitching throughout history; of the Aids Memorial quilt and quilts on the Underground Railroad. She determined to join with others to create change. In August 2013 eight artists gathered in Old North St. Louis and founded the Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective — to make change.

The Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective is professional artists and minority youth ages 16-24, working together to create social change with a focus on gun violence prevention. Stitchers collect stories, reframe and retell them through art, writing and performance to promote understanding, civic pride, intergenerational relationships and literacy. Projects create a platform for community engagement through an artistic lens and with it the Saint Louis Story Stitchers work to shift perceptions and realities and bring hope to the Saint Louis community.